Gakken Group Environmental Policy

The Gakken Group will actively work together with stakeholders to protect the environment in education, medical welfare, and other businesses to pass on a beautiful Earth to the next generation. We will also encourage people to learn and become familiar with rich environments.

1. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations. We will also affirm international information disclosure frameworks.

2. We will strive to identify nature-related dependencies and impacts of all of the Group's business activities across supply chains, address climate change, and reduce the burden on natural capital such as biodiversity and water resources.

3. In our business operations, we will actively engage in social outreach and environmental preservation activities that enable people to make changes for a rich environment.

As of March, 2024

Gakken Group procures paper from
“environmentally-friendly manufactures”.

  • Manufactures that carry out eco-friendly business activities, such as the establishment Environmental Management Systems.
  • Manufactures that give every consideration to safety and environmental concerns when using chemical substances.
  • Manufactures that are promoting papermaking with elemental chlorine-free bleaching treatment.