Gakken was founded in 1946 with enthusiasm and belief longing for educational publishing. Since then, we have grown up together with our children, making education our core business.


Along with the half century passed, we have extended our businesses beyond only education to encompass a wide range of fields, including information, culture and entertainment. Regardless of the change of time and our diversified business activities, the founding spirit, which allows us to wish for children's enriched growth, will never change.


Since it is time now when the ideal shape of education is required, we have established this charter to reconfirm our pledge to children.

Gakken Group Charter for the Children

We, the Gakken Group, have established the charter, hoping that each and every one of our children will grow with generous heart and build a bright future with dreams, hope, and courage.


"We will raise considerate children with generous and deep sensibility."

We live in contact with many people and things.
Each and every one of us is irreplaceable and supported by people and things around us.
We will strive to foster children's strength to care for people around them and to deeply and richly feel hearts and minds of people, and various things.


"We make much of curiosity, foster the desire to learn, and develop capabilities to think and learn."

Proper learning capabilities refer to acquiring knowledge and thinking skills through being interested in something and actively learning it by themselves.
Every child asks something by nature, "Why?" or "How?"
We will carefully nurture seeds of interest and desire of children and provide them with valuable "nutrition of knowledge" for developing proper learning capabilities.


"We recognize and develop personality and talent of each child."

Every child has "treasure" such as personality, talent, and individuality.
We would like to shed light on the individuality and talent of children to further develop them.
We will, therefore, provide a place where children can recognize each other's individuality and express themselves freely.


"We will develop children's capabilities to think themselves, act on their own and live strong mentally and physically."

Children encounter a lot of difficulties while they are growing as we did.
They may be discouraged by great difficulties.
We will help children acquire wisdom and ability to take action to solve a problem on their own and develop their ability to live vigorously in the society.


"We will help them grow up to be human beings who love their country, learn about culture, and can play an active role in the world."

Loving their country, learning about their country's culture, and deepening their understanding lead to respecting other countries and cultures.
This will be an important spiritual basis to play an active role in the international community.
We will continue to help children grow up to be a human being who respects the countries and cultures of the world to be trusted by people around the world.


"We will cultivate children's hearts to love the nature and make much of life."

Grasses, flowers, trees, insects, birds, animals, human beings, etc. In nature, various kinds of life overlap and all kinds of life continue to circulate.
We, human beings, live receiving the benefits of nature.
We will continue to tell children about the magnificence of nature and the importance of life, continuing to be a company that makes much of the natural environment.


"We share the joy of having a dream and making it come true."

Our predecessors have built today's rich society and culture by holding up their dreams and making them come true.
Every child also has a dream.
We treasure such children's dreams.
We will continue to be the company that allows children to share the joy of realizing their dreams for the future with us.


Enacted in October 2003