Overview of Operations

Overview of Operations

Business Fields of Gakken Group

In the fields of education and medical welfare,
Gakken Group engages in the following activities.

Education Business

Classroom and Learning Center

・Operations surrounding
“Gakken Classrooms” and franchise development.

・Preschool classrooms and tutoring centers for higher education, and private tutor dispatch.

Publishing and Content

・Publication and sale of reference books, children’s books, nursing books, medical books, and other publications.

・Planning and development of teaching tools and toys,
and sales of e-learning resources for nurses.

・Operation of TOKYO GLOBAL GATEWAY in cooperation
with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Kindergarten and School

・Production and sales of publications related to
kindergartens, nursery schools, and children’s daycare centers, as well as related nursery supplies, equipment, and toys.

・Production and sales of textbooks, supplementary
readers and ICT teaching materials Operation of educational training programs for companies.

 Education Business

Healthcare and Nursing Business

Elderly Housing

・Operation and development of serviced senior citizen housing,
as well as provision and operation of other peripheral services.

Group Homes for the Elderly with Dementia

・Operation and development of dementia group homes.

・Provision and operation of other peripheral services.

Child Raising Support

・Operation of nursery school- and after-school childcare facilities, 
child development support facilities,  and truant recovery “free” schools.

Healthcare and Nursing Business

The Gakken Group by Numbers

* From the Gakken Holdings Integrated Report issued in fiscal year 2023
* "Full-year sales," "Group companies," "Number of locations and members," "Number of employees (consolidated)," "Gender ratio," and "Average age of employees" are as of September 2023.

About Gakken Group


  • 1946

“The only way to post-war reconstruction
leads through education.” The history of Gakken started from the strong belief held by company founder Hideto Furuoka in the importance of solving social issues.

Group Companies
*75 consolidated subsidiaries,
18 unconsolidated subsidiaries,
14 affiliated companies.

  • 107

Full-year net sales  (Unit: 100 million yen)
*Quoted from Financial Results for the Fiscal Year Ending September 2023.

  • FY20211503
  • FY20221560
  • FY20231641

Number of

  • 28162

Male-to-female ratio

  • Male35.3
  • Female64.7

Securities Code
(Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market)

  • 9470
  • 43.2

Average age

Education Business

Number of classroom locations

  • 18696 locations
  1. Number of subscriptions
  2.  364867
  3. *Classroom and subscription numbers reflect the total of preschool classrooms, “Mebae” early-childhood classrooms, and Academy classrooms.
    *Gakken Classroom has two types of classrooms: Arithmetic and English, and if you obtain permission for both, it will be counted as 2 classrooms, and the number of classrooms obtained is calculated based on the number of classrooms obtained as the approval standard.

Number of tutoring center locations

  • Japan and abroad
    919 locations
  1. Number of subscriptions
  2.    80551
  3. *If one person is studying two subjects, the number of members will be counted as 2, and if one person is studying three subjects, the number of members will be counted as 3. Number of members based on the number of subjects studied.

Healthcare and Nursing Business

Number of locations such as serviced homes for senior citizens

  • 203
  1. Number of
    service areas
  2. 17Prefecture

Number of locations suchs asdementia group homes

  • 340


*347 locations including overseas locations I would like to enter.

  1. Number of
    service areas
  2. 32Prefecture

Nunber of locations parenting support facilities
(total of day-care centers and 
after-school childcare facilities, etc.)

  • 81
  1. Number of
    service areas
  2. 5Prefecture

Global Business and Digital Utilization

Overseas Activities (*Operations conducted by the entire group)

  • more than 150 countries

The Gakken Group engages overseas in the development of resources for young children and STEAM educational materials and participates in ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects in developing countries.

Core Digital Services


Acquired Certifications and Approval Seals

The Gakken Group has acquired various certifications.

Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization


The ”Monisu certification” 
(2022 version)

DX Certification

Positive Action



*For information on certified group companies please refer to the following links.

Gakken Group aspires to be a corporate group in unending pursuit of the human potential.