Gakken's only-one support structure comes from our long-standing engagement in the education and publication business. This is an introduction to Gakken Group's solution services.

Media Production for Schools

The trust and track record that Gakken has built over the past 70 years is unparalleled when compared to other companies. We have established relations with not only the kindergartners, infants, pupils, and students that study at their respective schools (nurseries, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, vocational schools, cram schools), but their parents and teachers as well. Furthermore, because of our track record in supplying textbooks and teaching materials (school-related commodities), we have established credibility within the schools where our company products are accepted as proper "educational materials."

Gakken The Himitsu Series

We can plan and produce educational comics that incorporate your corporate philosophy and product development history. They can be distributed free-of-charge to approximately 20,000 elementary schools nationwide.

As a pioneer in "Educational Comics," we have the know-how to introduce your company's corporate philosophy and history, as well as the product development process to the children in an easy-to-understand manner.

Textbooks/Supplemental books

Our supplemental books teaching material used in school during the "integrated study period," were jointly developed with corporations and organizations to be distributed to schools. Utilized in classes.

We will make sure to highlight the activities of your company and what you wish to inform the children in the form of teaching materials that conform to the Courses of Study. The materials can not only be used in classes but also in secondary applications such as web content and video.

Extracurricular Classes

Extracurricular classes conducted by companies, organizations, and local governments at schools. We will handle everything from the planning, development and implementation.

At the same time that the supplemental books produced by Gakken are distributed to the classroom, companies can coordinate classes to be held at schools and have themselves be the instructors. We provide a great opportunity to directly approach the classroom. Please be assured that all negotiations with the schools can be handled by Gakken. You can also consult with us regarding the formulation of plans for the class (guidance plan).

Producing PR Brochure and Magazines

By utilizing the editorial skills that we have cultivated through our various publications, we will create a tool that can convey the thoughts of the person who wishes to deliver it.

Various Media for Local Government

By utilizing Gakken's know-how in creating illustrated guides, playing cards, educational comics, and quizzes, a "Quiz Guide about the ○○ Prefecture" and "100 Year Story of ○○ City" can be created.

We also undertake the commissioned production of school and company brochures that convey the appeal of schools and companies.

Customized publishing

Bookstores and convenience stores across the country are utilized for marketing. Services and products you wish to promote can be marketed in customized publications.

Production and publication service

A publication service in which autobiographies, novels, corporate philosophies, corporate methods, and other publications are created, then sold at bookstores to be purchased by the general public. All publications orders placed to Gakken are guaranteed to be face up on shelves for newly published books (books published within a month) at 30 Books Kinokuniya and two Sanseido bookstores nationwide.

Events to attract customers

We provide opportunities to build "actual connections" with users for various purposes, from the development of original contents to creation of linkage to the media.

Events for children

We plan and manage events that highly attract customers by taking advantage of the image and recognition degree of popular media.

We create original programs tailored to your needs, such as science experiment shows, tie-up workshops, and programming classes. Weekend-only events can be arranged, as well.

Production of exhibits and operation of facilities

We produce exhibits, including equipment, panels, and videos for science museums, museums, and visitor centers by utilizing the specialized knowledge and know-how to create premiums we acquired through the publication of educational magazines for children, "Kagaku(science)" and "Gakushu(learning)." We also produce and operate the entire facility as an administrator.

Intellectual property creation business and production of goods

We are engaged in creation of publication properties. We also offer support for planning/development of various items, from original goods to media character goods.

Property License Agreement

We are engaged in creation of publication properties. We make proposals that meet your needs.

OEM stationery, variety goods, and toys

Original stationery and educational toys suitable for gifts and premiums. It can also be used for private labels.


We propose cost reduction measures and optimal solutions for your logistics operations by utilizing our extensive, proven know-how.

Fulfillment operations

Comprehensive support for logistics, from receiving orders to packaging and delivery. We also offer a one-stop service for mail order.

Storing service for products, equipment, and documents

Various products and documents are managed accurately. A highly accurate service is provided at a low price

Direct mail support

Delivery arrangements of catalogs, flyers, and other materials as well as package materials, including envelopes and cardboard boxes, are available at low prices.

System solution service

We offer logistics systems and other solutions based on the know-how we have accumulated in system development and operation in our own logistics operations.

We are engaged in the management and operation of logistics centers, warehousing business, truck transportation business, and other operations. The work includes storage and management of inventory, distribution processing, arrangements of delivery by couriers, Japan Post, door-to-door posting, and designated delivery vehicles, order taking service, and production of materials required for delivery (cardboard boxes, envelopes, address labels).

Also available are various business process outsourcing services for call centers, system development, and other purposes

Recruitment support

We provide opportunities to meet students who fit your needs by utilizing the trusting relationship we have built with universities and technical colleges. We offer examination questions tailored to each company needs, from standard entrance examination questions to original semi-custom questions by utilizing Gakken's know-how on creation of examination questions.

Gakken's industry research seminars

A wide range of seminars is held for students with different backgrounds, including those attending technical colleges, science majors, female science majors and foreing students.

Planning and production of booth decoration

Planning and production of effective tools for attracting students, such as banner stands, tapestries, and backdrops.

Employment examination

Gakken's knowledge on creation of examination question is put together to provide standard as well as semi-custom and original questions. We meet your meticulous needs.

Education and training for the work force

We propose highly original training programs to develop human resources that will greatly contribute to the growth of companies and organizations.

Joint training for three companies

Training courses to interact with attendants from other companies. Participants compete to come up with better "proposals" and "business models" using the same amount of information, and compare "project management ideas." Ten stimulating training courses are available.

Trainings tailored to employee's ranks

We provide trainings for new employees, mid-level employees, and managers. We offer custom-made trainings for different ranks and positions based on your objectives.
New employee training for the IT industry is unique in that it takes one to three months to learn specialized skills and work procedures.

Implementation of various trainings

We have held a number of trainings that raise awareness, change behaviors, and improve skills.
We contribute to your company by offering various trainings, including a practical, logical thinking training and a communication training for presupposed current and future workplace conditions.

Language training

We propose a wide range of training programs that will enhance motivation by improving language skills and develop human resources who can play an active role.


A vast facility of approximately 7,000 square meters opened in Aomi, Tokyo, in September, 2018, that provides English learning opportunities in an all-English speaking environment. It can be utilized for employee trainings as well as guidance and orientation sessions for educational institutions.

Online English Conversation Classes

A program that combines one-on-one lessons with foreign instructors and preparation/review contents, designed to improve the speaking ability comprehensively. It can be introduced as a part of the benefit package or training, according to the needs.